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GA4 Training

Google Analytics 4 training is an immediate need for all businesses. Google has announced that the current Google Analytics will no longer collect data from July 2023 and GA4 will be the only Google Analytics from that point onwards.

At Optix Solutions, we’ve been preparing for this dramatic change for a while now. Read our advice on Moving to Google Analytics, What you need to know about GA4, and GA4 vs Universal Analytics.

We’ve crafted 3 offerings to suit every business’ GA4 Training needs: Bespoke GA4 Training for Teams, Foundation GA4 Training for GA4 newcomers, and Intermediate GA4 Training for experienced GA4 users.

Choose the right GA4 training solution for your team today.

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Bespoke GA4 Training Solutions for every business


Bespoke GA4 Training

Our bespoke sessions start with a recommended skeleton, but are fully bespoke, meaning that they are built to meet your needs.

Ahead of our session we will agree a bespoke delivery outline for you to propose what you need. Our bespoke sessions can be delivered online over Zoom or in-person in the South-West.

GA4 Course Content:

  1. Introduction to GA4
  2. GA4 & GTM
  3. Setting up GA4
  4. GA4 Interface
  5. E-commerce in GA4
  6. Events & Conversion Tracking
  7. Reports
  8. Explore
  9. Advertising
  10. Developer Support

Output: The output of the session will be led by the needs of your team and what you need to achieve from a GA4 training session. Contact us for more information.

Foundation GA4 Training

INTRODUCTION TO GA4 - 13th June, 2023

From July 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be the ONLY Google Analytics. Get ahead of your competitors and learn how to navigate GA4 to find and interpret the data that’s important to your business. This session is delivered remotely online over Zoom.

GA4 Course Content:

  1. Introduction to GA4
  2. UA vs GA4
  3. GA4 & GTM
  4. Setting Up GA4
  5. Navigating GA4 [Home / Reports / Explore / Advertising / Configure]
  6. Configuring GA4 to meet your business needs
  7. Introduction to conversions in GA4
  8. GA4 Resources

Output: You and your team will feel confident navigating GA4 to find the information you need to make informed marketing decisions. Book Now.

Intermediate GA4 Training

Mastering GA4 and Reporting Success - Conversions, Ecommerce and apps - 27th June, 2023

Take your GA4 skills to the next level and discover how to showcase success internally through clear reporting to get company-wide buy in to marketing activity. This session is delivered remotely online over Zoom.

GA4 Course Content:

  1. Introduction to GA4
  2. GA4 Key Reports
  3. GA4 & GTM
  4. Conversions in GA4
  5. E-Commerce in GA4
  6. App Reporting in GA4
  7. Advanced GA4 Features
  8. Reporting on success in GA4

Note: The intermediate course assumes you have some working knowledge of GA4. You will have at least seen GA4 and interacted with the new interface.

Output: Negotiate the complexities of GA4 to take advantage of new advanced features and deliver insights to stakeholders. Book Now.


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I am currently 6 months through the Optix Digital Academy and would thoroughly recommend to anyone new to marketing. The course is set up well with a good mix of self learning from video and online learning with other students. The team are particularly good at listening to feedback and adapting group sessions as needed too. The content has been really helpful and informative too. Great work team.

Barnaby St Anton

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