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Live Group Training

We run live sessions each month for both foundation and intermediate learners, bringing together like-minded and enthusiastic professionals who learn better through direct contact with a marketing expert. It’s a chance to navigate topics and problem solve alongside others in similar roles who can share their experiences and methods for overcoming marketing challenges.

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The Complete Curriculum Experience

Complete your digital marketing skillset by choosing the Optix Digital Academy Annual plan. Digital Marketing covers a range of topics and whilst they’re closely linked, unfortunately knowing one doesn’t mean you know them all. The more confidence you have with each area of digital marketing, the better your strategy, and more importantly, your results will be.

Learn live from an industry expert

Develop skills for a diverse digital marketing strategy

Build relationships with professionals in similar roles

Walk through real life examples and ask questions

For Multiple
Single sessions are £300.00 per course.

A broad overview of digital marketing tactics and strategy. Each topic will cover the basics in terms of theory and uses, real life applications, how to implement back in the office and multiple chances to practice with interactive exercises. With the foundation sessions, you'll be required to do around 3 hours of home learning (video based) before the live session where we'll hone in on what you've learnt and focus on practice and questions. 

12th July, 2022

Get discovered for the things you do. Beat competitors and get traffic from search engines to your site.

Email Marketing
16th August, 2022

Email is more than mailshots. Develop meaningful relationships that lead to a big return on investment.

Introduction to GA4
13th September, 2022

From July 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be the ONLY Google Analytics. Get ahead of your competitors and learn how to navigate GA4 to find and interpret the data that’s important to your business. 

Local SEO
11th October, 2022

Improve local visibility for your defined audience to drive local customers to action both online and instore.

CRO and UX
15th November, 2022

Design choices will impact your success. Make sure to optimise website user experience to increase conversions.

Digital Strategy
6th December, 2022

Create a roadmap to success, manage task ownership and use the right tools to get the results you need.

Creating Customer Personas
17th January, 2023

Exactly who is your audience? Consider your personas and target them consistently across the business.

Video Marketing
7th February, 2023

Grow awareness, get more engagement and share messaging that resonates long after it's been seen.

PPC (Search)
14th March, 2023

Make the most of your marketing budget and target searches that will result in conversions and sales.

For Multiple
Single sessions are £350.00 per course.

A deeper dive into the more complex digital marketing tactics and strategy. Each topic will quickly consolidate beginner learning before moving onto more complex elements. You can expect real life examples and interactive exercises to support learning. These sessions are entirely live, although we may send some pre-reading depening on the topic. 

Dynamic Search Ads and Search Network Account Optimisation
26th July, 2022

Build and implement dynamic search ads and optimise your account to maximise your budget and conversions.

Proven Techniques for E-commerce Sales and Lead Gen Enquiries
30th August, 2022

Maximise your ecommerce profitability and develop strategies and techniques to grow online enquiries.

Mastering GA4 and Reporting Success - Conversions, Ecommerce and Apps
27th September, 2022

Take your GA4 skills to the next level and discover how to showcase success internally through clear reporting to get company-wide buy in to marketing activity.

How Google Tag Manager can Enhance your Reporting
25th October, 2022

Take your GA to the next level with Google Tag Manager - track users and actions with precision.

Developing your YouTube Strategy
29th November, 2022

Build a YouTube strategy and optimise your channel to get discovered and grow positive engagements.

Developing an Outreach and Link Building Strategy
13th December, 2022

An SEO challenge that's also the most rewarding: improve visibility by gaining authoratitive links.

Building Personas from Online Data
24th January, 2023

Use data from your business to build an accurate persona to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Complete a Content Review and Creating Content Which Converts
21st February, 2023

Audit the content on your website to identify strengths and develop content that drives conversions.

Developing your Email Strategy and Building Automations
28th March, 2023

Build an email marketing strategy that works for you with automation in place, keeping recipients engaged.


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I thought it was a fantastic session and really well run. The content was laid out clearly and was very informative whilst presenting several opportunities for discussion in what felt like a very safe environment.


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